Each year Iran exports a large volume of tea to different countries of the world

Iranian tea is one of the rare organic tea in the world

Iranian tea is very good quality compared to its price

Healthy,  reasonable price, organic being some of the benefits of Iranian tea

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How we work

Your certified sample will be attached to the final contract and a copy of that delivery will be made by the customs, the designated agent can check the authenticity of the load submitted and conform to the approved specimen.

Paper bags are cheaper than laminated cartons or metalizer bags. These bags are waterproof and designed for maximum use of container space

Our final price, after adding other costs (customs, shipping and packaging), is competitive because all of these steps are carried out at competitive prices by our company

The price of the product has at least fluctuations and prices are competitive on the global market

Persian tea in the northern foothills of Iran is the highest quality tea. Our company chooses the best green tea leaf and produces black and green tea

Customers can order their own brand and receive their own design and packaging. Some cheap packages are available in packages of 50 and 100 grams

We act as a supplier and operate all export-related processes from 0 to 100 directly and without intermediaries

Our company sends market information for customers to decide on the best time of purchase

By contracting directly with 14 tea factories in the north of the country, we are ready to supply a large volume of orders for our customers

Our company can send 120 tons of tea within 6 working days if no special packaging is required