Aftab Pardis Shomal Trading Co.  started its business as a supplier and exporter of the best Iranian tea from the best gardens in northern Iran
The company is proud to have a 10-year experience of supplying and exporting all types of black, green and some kinds of herbal teas and herbs to a wide range of major clients including offices and companies, hotels, restaurants and families. 

About Haya Tea:

Haya Tea is another product of the company that is made from the best tea produced in the Amlash city of Gilan. We tried to bring the best Iranian tea to your home with new designs that are elegant and deserving of Iranian families.

Haya tea is quite natural without any additives, colors or chemical , as well as Iranian tea farms do not use fertilizers and chemical pesticides, which is another benefit of Iranian tea.


Haya has a special interest in the health of families in the selection of raw materials for all their products. Our specialists are particularly concerned with the various aspects of the products and the effects that affect the health of individuals. In addition, we try to provide useful and different information l to keep you informed about the various products at Site and Instagram.

We believe it is our duty to inform consumers of the originality, identity and reality of the product they consume. Haya even  shows off to the  consumers with a diverse and lovely touristic program where the Hay tea is produced.

Breakfast and evening tea are selected by our tea industry experts. In breakfast tea packs, tea is more flavorful, stronger , and in evening tea packs, tea is placed with a milder and more calm taste. This type of tea for children under 14 years of age, heart patients And pregnant women are very helpful, and it’s better for them to avoid more concentrated teas that are more caffeine-free.
According to the American Society for Health, the daily intake of caffeine should not exceed 400 milligrams and can be toxic . Evening tea, with a milder, more relaxing taste and lower caffeine, is suitable for those who are accustomed to taking high amounts of tea overnight, which in addition to providing the fluids and water needed for the body does not cause any problems for the health of the person.
Haya tea has a very pleasant and delicious flavor. Stronger and and more caffeine that gives you a sense of vitality early in the morning are features of Haya’s tea tea.